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Fishing Kit For Beginners: The Complete Guide

fishing kit for beginners

So you have finally convinced yourself you want to be an angler. Perhaps, it was the excitement of watching some professional battle it out with a decent-sized bass that did it for you. Or maybe, it was something you had actually wanted to do but never got round to making time for it. Now that you’ve made up your mind, and you’re interested in getting the appropriate fishing kit for beginners.

No matter your motivation, starting out as a new angler requires preparation. It is more than just heading to a hardware store downtown to get a rod and line and tossing it into the water hoping to emulate the pros.

Like everything that needs to be done well, every beginner fisherman must be acquainted with some basic and essential things about fishing to get a modest crack at catching fish.

Fishing kits for beginners can either be quite expensive or quite cheap. What you spend to get the necessary kits could well come down to the sort of advice given to you.

So it doesn’t really matter if you are on a tight budget. The basic fishing gear you would need can be obtained without having deep pockets.

Before going into the kits you would need as a newbie angler, how about a quick look at some basic fishing tips?

11 Spots For International Fishing Trip In Asia

fishing trip in asia

Fancy a bit of fishing in Asia? It’s a great idea especially if you are tired of the usual places in your neck of the woods. There are, literally, hundreds of fishing spots in Asia.

If you are a tourist to Asia thinking of fun things to do, you can’t go wrong with fishing. The fresh air, the sun on your face and the idyllic peacefulness are simply priceless.

Stay with us as we take you round 11 of the best fishing spots in Asia.

1. Bungsaram  Lake

Bungsaram Lake is right in the heart of Bangkok, one of Asia’s most crowded cities. It is about an hour’s drive from the city center.

Any angler figuring on combining freshwater fishing and a serene environment in Asia must visit this fisherman’s delight. In the lake itself, you are assured of big freshwater species like the Mekong giant catfish, the arapaima, Pacu, Chao Phraya catfish, and giant siamese card.

As a matter of fact, 2 years ago, a tourist from Britain caught what is still the world’s biggest card using a rod and line. So make sure you take your strongest fishing rod. You never know.

Fishing Rod Holder for Car Roof : An Angler Guide

fishing rod holder for car roof

If you have to commute from your house to your favorite fishing spot, which is usually the case in most situation, then you need a roof rack fishing rod holder, although there are varieties of fishing rod holder for car roof, my aim is to write a little bit about the popular ones in the market, and weighing on probably choices if you were to buy one right now.

While researching for this post, I saw a couple of videos on a DIY fishing rod roof rack tube. This may seem like a better choice for people with a little budget, but in the long run, it is much more preferable to invest in a good rooftop fishing rod holder than wasting time on setting up a non-durable one yourself. Aside from the time invested, you should equally think of safety.

In selecting the fishing rod holder for car roof discussed in this article, I have carefully considered some factors as listed below:

Best Spinning Reels For Inshore Fishing

best spinning reels for inshore fishing

For beginning or aspiring anglers, good spinning reels should be the equipment of choice. Though nothing in the rule book says experienced anglers don’t use them. What makes them highly recommended for beginners is the ease of use that complements the performance.

Choosing the best spinning reels for inshore fishing is essential if the intention is to fish with light lures and bait. However, heavier lures and bait could also be cast as long as you know what you are doing.

One factor in favor of spinning reels is the relative rarity of the beginner’s nightmare known, the ‘bird nest’ which happens a lot with novices using baitcasting reels.

Though spinning reels are not as complicated as other reels, improvement in design and technology has made spinning reels capable of taking care of the fishing needs of an angler, whether novice or veteran.

Conventional vs. Baitcasting Reels

One of the most common questions newbie anglers find difficult to get their heads around is the difference between conventional and baitcaster reels. This is understandable as the two reels have many similarities. To the unpracticed eye, there are no noticeable differences between the two.

To veteran anglers though, the differences between the two are obvious as the differences between night and day. As a matter of fact, experienced anglers use these differences to decide on what type of reel to use for either salt or freshwater fishing.

While both of them might look similar, they differ markedly from spinning reels. Basically, baitcasting and conventional reels (known collectively as non-spinning reels) are designed either for vertical fishing or to be cast.

Best Baitcasting Reel For Saltwater Fishing

best baitcasting reel for saltwater

Whether you fish as a hobby or as a professional, sooner or later, you’d want to take your fishing up a notch or two. And the first step towards that is to use the best fishing gear or to upgrade your existing equipment.

You might be torn between upgrading your spinning reel to a better one or switching over to a baitcasting reel. The question to ask yourself is, why do almost all the Professional anglers prefer baitcasting reels when they go fishing?

The answer is quite simple really. Spinning reels, no matter how good, are limited in functionality. They are wonderful when you are starting out learning the ropes about saltwater fishing. When it’s time to up your game, your best option is to join the pros and switch to a baitcasting reel. And this guide will show you how to buy the best baitcasting reel for saltwater fishing.

One important advantage of a baitcaster is how it increases your casting accuracy. And all anglers know accuracy plays a crucial role in your daily haul. Apart from casting accuracy, you are more likely to have greater control over the movement of your lures.

Also, the best baitcasting reels would give you a faster retrieve because of the higher gear ratio. And of course, they are the best for buzz baits and bigger crankbaits.

Conventional Reels Vs Spinning Reels: Pros and Cons

conventional reels vs spinning reels

Broadly speaking, conventional reels are designed to be mounted above your fishing rod, with the axis aligned perpendicular to the fishing rod. Spinning reels, on the other hand, are attached below the rod and the axis is somewhat parallel to the fishing rod.

The choice of whether to use conventional reels or spinning reels might be easy to make depending on the type of fishing planned. More often than not though, that choice is determined by the pros and cons of each type of reel on one hand, and the preference of the angler on the other hand.

Other factors that might weigh heavily on what type of reel to use include:

  • How far you can cast with the reel
  • The accuracy of your chosen reel
  • The weather conditions
  • Whether you need a lot of drag stopping power or not

Price consideration does not play such a big role in the choice of reel these days. With advancement in design, drag systems, and braided lines, the price range for all types can overlap quite easily. So it is now common to come across a conventional reel that is more expensive than a spinning reel. The reverse also holds true.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of conventional and spinning reels. Perhaps, you would get a better pointer on why you’d choose one over the other.

How To Outfit A Kayak For Fishing

how to outfit a kayak for fishing

If you intend to go fishing with a kayak, one of the most important considerations to have in mind is the limited space available to you. Besides, before outfitting the kayak for fishing, you have to make sure it is a good fishing kayak.

The features to look out for in a good fishing kayak include the following:

  • It must have relatively high level of stability
  • There must be adequate flat surfaces to bolt down or hold your fishing gears
  • You must be able to maneuver the kayak easily

So whether you have or are planning to purchase a ‘Sit On Top’ (SOT) kayak or a ‘Sit In Kayak’ (SIK), it must have those basic qualities to be suitable for fishing.

Experienced anglers using Kayaks make it point to optimize the little space on their boat. The best practice is making sure vital items are close by. These are the stuff used more frequently. Basically, minimalism is a great attitude to adopt as far as equipment for kayak fishing is concerned.

Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Saltwater

Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Saltwater

Durability is not the only factor I have considered while conducting this research; affordability and ease of setup are equally important. Considering these factors and some other factors discussed below, I have compiled a list of products that qualify as the best fishing rod and reel combo for saltwater fishing in 2018.

Skills needed for fishing in freshwater and saltwater isn’t that different, but for an enjoyable angling experience, you have to choose your fishing tackle wisely when it comes to fishing in saltwater.

Saltwater makes your tackle susceptible to corrosion, if the material from which your gear is made isn’t suitable for saltwater, it becomes rusty after a couple of usages, and then become useless.

How To Make A Fishing Rod

how to make a fishing rod

Two reasons come to mind why you might want to make your own fishing rod. For casual, non-professional fishers, buying a new fishing rod might not make financial sense. So it might be cost-effective to make your own.

Another reason you might want to go the DIY route is for emergency fishing. Imagine a going on a camping trip or hike; you come across a body of water you are sure is filled to the brim with fish. The temptation to catch a few might be too much.

So with the little money in your wallet, you can just head into the nearest town, look for the hardware store and buy the few things needed to make a fishing rod.

Below are a couple of ways to make a fishing rod using two different materials. First, though you need to have the following materials ready: